For Immediate Assistance

call  8223 4999

“in the privacy
and comfort of
your home, hotel room or office”



Trinity Housecall takes pride in providing a premier medical house call service in Singapore. We service residents, expatriates, travelers island wide. Our doctors are able to travel to your home, hotel room or office within a short period of time and provide you with the best medical care 24 hours a day.

For prompt medical attention, please call our medical coordinator at 8223 4999. The doctor will be contacted and your call will be returned within minutes. An assessment will be made by the doctor to determine if a house call is appropriate. In the case of a true emergency whereby time is critical, the doctor may advise immediate transfer to the hospital.


How quickly can a doctor be here?
If an ‘urgent’ housecall is specifically requested, a doctor will usually be able to attend to you within an hour. In non-urgent cases, an appointment can be scheduled.

If I want an immediate specialist referral, can that be arranged?
Yes, we have an extensive network of dentists, specialist doctors willing to see you on short notice.

Will medication be given after consultation?
Each of our doctors carry a limited amount of medications in their bag with each visit with will cater for the majority of conditions. In the event that extra medication is required, a prescription would be written. Our doctors do not carry any controlled drugs such as sleeping tablets in their bag.

What are the fees?
Housecall fees, depending on the complexity of the visit and time spent and time of visit, ranges from $250-$400 per visit. For information about our fees please call us and speak with one of our qualified representatives.

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